Making 'modes' more approachable.

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90 Minute Video Workshop

Join along as Jeffrey takes you through the concept of Modes, and how to use them to write and improvise.


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Finally understand Modes, and how to implement them in your playing.

Modes have been taught on the guitar in a lot of different ways through the ages. They also have been tough on the guitarist, leaving most students scratching their heads at why they are even learning them.  We take a more simplistic and applicable approach. Modes can be incredibly useful and actually quite simple once you understand the concept.  

This class is all about finally achieving the level of comfort you've always wanted when playing modes.  It's about knowing how to use the different modes on any part of the neck, comparing what modes go with what chord progressions, and how to feel confident in your understanding of modes in order to flow freely up and down the neck.

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Hi, I'm Jeffrey Kunde

Hi, I'm Jeffrey Kunde, producer and guitarist at Jesus Culture, and founder of The Guitar Institute.

I help guitar players get great guitar tone, improve their technique, and master their instrument.

I do this through my unique training method I employ at The Guitar Institute so you can write better guitar parts, get amazing and iconic tones, and ultimately create better songs, albums, and performances.


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