The foundation for technique building.

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90 Minute Video Workshop

Join along as Jeffrey shows you how to work towards finger independence and technique building

Practical Tips & Tricks

A dive into the various practical ways people play guitar including finder picking, scales, strum patterns, capos, and much more.

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Have you "hit a wall" in your personal growth?

It's likely due to the fact that you don't know what to practice next. You've plateau'd and don't know how to get to the next level.
In this class we tackle just that. If you’ve been a self taught guitarist your whole life and feel like you need a clean start to learn guitar the right way, this is your class. Technique 101 is all about building the right foundation to become a master guitarist. This class covers everything from proper fingering, fingerstyle playing, picking techniques, drills, to practice techniques in order to jump start you and get you on the right path for your guitar journey.

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Hi, I'm Jeffrey Kunde

Hi, I'm Jeffrey Kunde, producer and guitarist at Jesus Culture, and founder of The Guitar Institute.

I help guitar players get great guitar tone, improve their technique, and master their instrument.

I do this through my unique training method I employ at The Guitar Institute so you can write better guitar parts, get amazing and iconic tones, and ultimately create better songs, albums, and performances.


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