An introduction to producing songs from start to finish.

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90 Minute Video Workshop

Join along as Jeffrey takes you through his process for producing a song from start to finish.


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Discover the ins and outs of producing songs from start to finish.

if you're like most guitarists we know, we either have some studio experience and want more, or haven't had any and want more. The studio is where the magic happens and our creative genius gets set free. It's where we are allowed to press the limits of what's been done before, and do something no one has ever heard.

This class is all about understanding  studio production, and viewing the song recording process with a much more holistic approach.  When we understand the entirety of making a song, it actually helps us become better guitarists.  Students learn the context behind writing guitar parts, learn how to produce their own songs from start to finish, and pick up a ton of studio tricks and production tricks along the way.  

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Hi, I'm Jeffrey Kunde

Hi, I'm Jeffrey Kunde, producer and guitarist at Jesus Culture, and founder of The Guitar Institute.

I help guitar players get great guitar tone, improve their technique, and master their instrument.

I do this through my unique training method I employ at The Guitar Institute so you can write better guitar parts, get amazing and iconic tones, and ultimately create better songs, albums, and performances.


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