Shape your tone like a professional and create the iconic sounds from your favorite recordings.

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Join along as Jeffrey takes you through a repeatable process you can use to get amazing guitar tone from just about any combination of amps and pedals.

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How to create the iconic sounds from your favorite recordings using the gear you already own.

The modern guitar player is in a constant chase of modern tones. It’s what keeps us inspired to keep creating and exploring. The chase is inherent in us as guitar players. We want our rigs to be able to sound like the professionals we love.

With every new record that releases comes a fresh new wave of inspirational sounds. As a result, new music leaves us wanting to buy more and more gear, constantly re-designing our pedal boards, and ultimately spending more money. 
It’s all too easy to fall into the temptation of constantly buying new pedals. When a new pedal drops on the market, it has the potential to be a game changer in our tone. 
Or so we think.   
99% of the time, professionals don’t buy new gear to create new tones. That’s right, most of the new innovation you hear from guitar players you love is happening on the same gear they’ve been playing for years.  
You CAN sound just as good as the legends you look up to, and even define your own sound on the gear you already own 
And now I want to show you how... 
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Hi, I'm Jeffrey Kunde

Hi, I'm Jeffrey Kunde, producer and guitarist at Jesus Culture, and founder of The Guitar Institute.

I help guitar players get great guitar tone, improve their technique, and master their instrument.

I do this through my unique training method I employ at The Guitar Institute so you can write better guitar parts, get amazing and iconic tones, and ultimately create better songs, albums, and performances.

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Get That Sound

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